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THE ROBOT Technical sheet

  • The fastest multi-picking Multi-products robot : it delivers up to 800 boxes / hour, processes
  • Traceability, security of order preparation
  • Order storage management and optimization of heavy turnaround replenishment, order fulfillment and telemetry inventory
  • Simple interface with local computer applications and / or a merchant site
  • THE COMBINED: unique combination of the automat and the robot: the advantages of both solutions combined!
  • THE AUTOMATE Technical sheet

  • Automate with ejectors delivering up to 160 boxes / second
  • Modular design + mechanized system = automation of the preparation of any order
  • Product ejection speed : in less than 2 seconds, the entire order is out of the Automate
  • Routing speed : intrinsic speed of conveyor belts and optimization of time between several orders to maximize the rate of complete orders automated
  • Universality and maximum stock : the automat manages all types of homogeneous packaging
  • Adaptable accordingly to any location
  • Simple interface with local computer applications and / or a merchant site

    The comfort of the robot + the power of the automate:

  • + Fastest delivery of the market and strong rotations
  • + Integral management of the stock (storage and restocking of the robot's shelves + Automate’s channels)
  • + Scalability
  • =
  • Maximum productivity and optimized investment

    THE SORTER Technical sheet

  • Automatic control, sorting, validation and automatic distribution of deliveries to supply the robot or various receiving trays/ boxes according to their manual storage location
  • Process up to 600 boxes / hour

    Since the 1st of January 2017 the neutral package has definitely replaced the traditional package. This change impacts the work of the tobacconist on a daily basis since it generates:

  • a slowdown in transactions due to the difficulty of identifying the location of the desired product,
  • a slowdown in shelving and inventory management,
  • an increased risk of error during the sale.
  • It has already been reported that the average time devoted to management and sales since the implementation of the single neutral package is multiplied by two ... which generates an additional operating cost!
    AUTOMATIC LOGISTIC designed a light system composed of LED strips fixable on furniture and connected to the management system of the tobacconist. When a customer requests a package, the tobacconist only has to select the reference on its screen then a led lights up in the linear and thus indicate to the tabacconist the location of the desired package.

    Easy to install, and very economical,it is the solution with the best quality / price ratio allowing the tobacconist to maintain the same quality of service as before. Indeed, with the Pick to Light system, the tobacconist maintains the same pace of work without error thanks to the easy identification of the location of the package.

    CONVEYOR SYSTEM Technical sheet

    For optimal delivery of products, the choice of the conveyor system takes into account the positioning and location (of the chosen automation solution) but also the constraints of the room. To answer all encountered cases, different conveyor systems are offered manufactured with the highest performing components.

    THE COMPUTER CENTER Technical sheet

    Our expertise in development allows us to adapt to your current system and develop custom software solutions. Find among our achievements:

  • MEKASOFT, a WCS that provides communication between machines and peripheral systems.
  • SMART DRIVE, a steering and coordination software for conveyor that optimizes operating times. This maximizes the productivity, the life time of the wearing part and reduces your energy bill.
  • STOCKNPACK, is an open WMS based on Artificial Intelligence for a dynamic logistics management.